Trademark and Copyright Registration in Atlanta, GA

Registering your intellectual property is important to keep consumers from being confused by other products/companies who may be, intentionally or not, diminishing the quality or recognition of your product or service. At The AKA Rogers Law Firm of Atlanta, GA, we provide complete copyright and trademark registration services. We will help research your brand and provide full-service trademark and copyright registration and defense. Attorney Rogers will help you in protecting your intellectual assets such as your original works, business name, logo, and brand.

Trademark / Copyright Registration

  • Trademark / Copyright Search
  • Application Preparation
  • Application Submission
Copyright - Law Firm in Atlanta, GA
Ensuring your copyrights and trademarks are secured is critical to protecting the identity of your brand. We offer trademark and copyright services design to protect your works. Give The AKA Rogers Law Firm a call at 404-920-8152.
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